Cafe de Olla

Fruit and spice flavored coffee for you and your loved ones

brew time: 3:00-5:00 min.
Ground: Coarse 
Extraction by: Immersion

The Café de olla produces a coffee drink with a discreet body, with a slight bitter finish, a bit slimy and with little sweetness.  

It is ideal with medium or light roast coffees, with classic profiles that can be flavored with spices of various kinds. Often used in coffee producing countries, it is perfect for preparing coffee under any conditions and without the need to buy extra utensils. 

The Cafe de Olla

It is the first method of coffee extraction that was popularly used in Latin American countries and that in many coffee-consuming countries has yet to be explored. In most country houses, the grandmothers used to prepare pot coffee in clay pots and flavor the water with orange peels, cloves of aroma and other spices, this mainly because the coffee they used was of low quality and the spices enriched the drink.

The imprecision that characterizes the method does not mean that a coffee drink that satisfies even the most demanding palates cannot be obtained.

This way of preparing a coffee drink is far from competing with other more sophisticated methods, but it is still the easiest way to get a coffee drink through the immersion principle.

What we need





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Step by Step

Heat the water in the pot (the ideal temperature is between 196-205ºF, just before it begins to boil). In the original recipe, spices such as: cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, cardamom, or pepper are added at this point too.


Remove the pot from the heat before the water reaches a boiling point.


Use a ratio between water and coffee of 16:1 (3 tablespoons per cup of water). Darker roasts highlight notes of: Toast, bitter cocoa and nuts. Lighter roasts highlight notes of: Berries, dried fruit, chocolate.


Pour the coffee into the pot and mix it slowly for a few seconds.


Cover the pot to prevent volatile compounds from evaporating. Let rest for 3:00-5:00 minutes.


Stir the coffee slightly to avoid lumps from forming between the finer particles of the ground coffee.


Strain the entire drink through a plastic or cloth strainer so that the metal does not influence the taste of the drink.


Serve and share.