Intensity, creaminess and balance in a nutshell

brew time:

19-27 sec.



Extraction by: Immersion

A espresso is a complex beverage where all the soluble coffee ingredients are extremely concentrated in a small amount of liquid. It is an intense drink, characterized by its creamy body and its taste balances between: sweet, acid and a slight final bitterness. The fact that the aromas in a espresso cup are so concentrated is what gives the drink its unique complexity.

The Espresso

Espresso is a biphasic drink composed of a liquid part and topped by an emulsion or cream. It is one of the most complex coffee soluble extraction methods; by using high pressure (9-15 bars).

A pump applies pressure on the water that penetrates deeply into the porosities of the coffee, extracting with it all the organoleptic properties of the bean in a concentrated and complex drink.

The main characteristic of the espresso drink is its crema, this is an emulsion between microscopic drops of water and the coffee oils subjected to extremely high pressure.

The cream has the function of a stopper for the volatile aromas present in the drink, a good cream is light hazelnut and tiger colored, has a fine mesh of micro bubbles and is a bit elastic.

What we need

espresso machine


Digital scale



Step by Step

Unhook and clean the filter holder.


Run some water from the machine to clean any coffee residue.


Use a water to coffee ratio of 2:1; they are usually 14-18 grams for a double load, or 7-9 grams for a single load.


Pour the dose into the filter holder and level parallel to the surface.


Apply pressure to the coffee tablet to compact it with a tamper (about 20kg worth pressure).


Hook the filter holder back in and activate the pump with the extraction button.


The extraction time is around 20-25 seconds. Less time: More acidity and the more body Longer time: Less acidity and less body.