The medium-bodied classic cup perfect for gatherings

brew time:

3:00-4:00 Min.



Extraction by: Immersion

In general, the cup of this type of method is a coffee with a medium body, a little accentuated acidity, it is ideal for classic coffees with medium or light roasts. 

Also great for coffees with classic aromatic notes, even if the most delicate aromas are sacrificed in this type of method due to the longer extraction time and the impossibility of playing with temperature or extraction parameters.

The Moccamaster

It uses the percolation principle to extract the solubles from coffee. Moccamaster is one of the most popular and SCA certified on the market alongside Behmore and Bunn. 

The operation is the same: 

The water is heated by a resistance to a temperature of 196-205ºF degrees and passes through a conduit until it reaches the container where the ground coffee is deposited on the filter. There is where the true extraction phase begins. 

Once the soluble coffee has been extracted, the drink goes down into the jug by the force of gravity.

What we need

Drip Brewer Machine


spoon or spatula

Digital scale

Step by Step

Rinse the filter of any residues related to the treatment of the paper, or aromas that could contaminate the drink.


Make the filter adhere to the surface of the Moccamaster


Weigh the coffee for the batch you are brewing, remember to use a 16:1 water-coffee ratio (3 tablespoons per 250ml/1 cup of water)


Place the coffee in the Moccamaster and tap the sides lightly to level it so that it is parallel to the surface. Leave the lid over the coffee off. Fill the tank and let the water heat up.


At the time of pre-Infusion (when all the coffee has been moistened), stir slightly with a spoon in the shape of a cross or in circles, repeat this movement once all the water in the tank has been dispensed on the coffee .


At the end of the entire procedure, the coffee bed has to be parallel and flat on the method, this guarantees that no channels have formed during extraction.


If your automatic dripper has a resistance below the jug to keep the coffee hot, make sure to consume it in a short time since the reheating the coffee drink will alter its PH.


The coffee drink in contact with oxygen oxidizes quickly, for this reason it is necessary to avoid leaving the coffee in its jug for too long, unless it is airtight.