The secrets to the brew par excellence

brew time: 3:00-4:00 Min.
Ground: Coarse 
Extraction by: Immersion

The Moka has a manufacturing defect; the water in the kettle reaches its boiling point, and this causes bitter substances to be extracted from the coffee. In order to prevent this, make sure that the Moka water has been heated beforehand, that the lid of the mocha is open during extraction, and that the time in contact with the fire is minimal.  

It produces a drink with a round and high body, little sweetness and low acidity. It is a robust method and its dimensions make it easy to transport.

The Moka

The Moka is a coffee machine invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, it extracts the soluble from the coffee through contact with the hot water pushed on the coffee thanks to the force of pressure and not by the boiling of the water. It consists of a base that works as a boiler and as the water temperature increases, the pressure in the boiler increases, this causes the air inside it to expand, pushing the water through the filter column until it reaches the ground coffee.

This extraction method has been one of the most famous for its design, the resistance of the materials in which it is built and the price accessible to all types of public, these characteristics have earned it a place in the MOMA.

What we need


Kitchen Rag



Step by Step

Fill the mocha pot with water, up to the valve.


Pre-heat the water on the stove and turn it off shortly before the boiling point.


Fill the filter with ground coffee and level it flush, remember not to press the coffee into the filter.


Place the filter in the base, then, wrap the base with a kitchen rag so as not to burn yourself and carefully close the mocha and return it to the burner.


Wait for the coffee to rise up the column to the base of the tank.


Once the boiling sound is heard, turn off the heat and close the lid.


Always clean the moka, or the coffee oil residues could oxidize on contact with oxygen and generate rancid aromas.


Descalcify the mocha pot from time to time, for this you only need a little water with wine vinegar or more specific products that ensure no type of aromatic contamination.