Cold Brew

Patience pays off: delicacy and sweetness

brew time:

28-40 hours



Extraction by: Immersion

Cold brew is a cold drink, obtained through prolonged contact time between water and coffee. It produces a fairly sweet cup, with very little acidity, medium body and little bitterness. Ideal with aromatically complex coffees, with good acidity and medium and light roasts so that the toasted notes do not predominate over the more fruity ones. It is often used as a base for alcoholic beverages and cold drinks with sodas.

The Cold Brew

The particularity of this method is that temperature does not play an important role in the extraction of soluble substances, cold water extracts soluble substances due to the long contact time between coffee and water (24-48 hours).

Cold extraction allows the most delicate coffee aromas to be maintained, which degrade first in hot extractions. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that, in cold extractions, many natural trace minerals from coffee are lost.

In this type of cold extraction, some acids are not degraded in the drink due to the lack of temperature, this reduces the acid taste and mitigates the bitter taste of the coffee.

What we need



Digital scale

Step by Step

Sterilize and cool down a lidded bottle.


Weight the coffee according to the bottle capacity, always keep a water-to-coffee ratio of 16:1 (3 tablespoons per cup of water).
Darker roasts: Shorter the infusion time Lighter roasts: Shorter the contact time


Add the coffee to the bottle and tap lightly its sides to level the coffee.


Add the cold water, shake the bottle slightly and let it rest for 24-48H; go testing it and decide at ease when to start filtering.


Every 6 hours, shake lightly the bottle to mix the coffee inside (that will end up floating to the surface if unshaken).


Once the coffee suits your personal taste, filter it through a cloth strainer and keep it in the fridge for no more than 3 days.