Delicate and elegant taste, light but high on caffeine

brew time:

3:00-4:00 Min.



Extraction by: Immersion

Depending on the coffee, the V60 produces a cup with a high caffeine content, a light body and a marked acidity. The paper filter allows filtering even the finest particles, this is reflected in the cleanliness of the final drink.  

It is a cup of coffee with little intensity, and with a smooth and elegant taste, ideal for lovers of coffees with complex aromas, light or medium roasts and with balanced, complex and clean acidity.

The V60

The V60 extraction method uses a percolation principle for the extraction of coffee solubles; this means that the water, pushed by gravity, passes through the coffee dissolving its solubles.

Invented by the Hario brand almost 10 years ago, its name comes from the 60 degree shape at the base of the cone.

The peculiarity of this method are the channels along the cone, that favor the expansion of the coffee in the pre-infusion phase, and help the water flow faster.

The hole at the base of the method influences the concentration of the water towards the center, increasing the contact time between the water and the coffee.

What we need

V60 dripper and pot
(or cup)

V60 filters

Gooseneck Kettle

spoon or spatula

Digital scale


Step by Step

Heat the water to the point just before it begins to boil: the ideal extraction temperature is between 196-206ºF


Pre-heat the V60 dripper to prevent thermal shock from influencing the volatile aromas of the coffee.


Place the filter on the dripper and rinse any residues related to the treatment of the paper, or aromas that could contaminate the drink. Make sure to get rid of the water in the container afterwards.

Use a ratio between water and coffee of 16:1 (3 tablespoons per cup of water).
Darker roasts highlight notes of: Toast, bitter cocoa, nuts and a slight final bitterness. Lighter roasts highlight notes of: Berries, dried fruit, chocolate.

Level the coffee parallel to the surface of the dripper by tapping lightly the sides of the dripper.


Begin to pour a part of the water (not less than twice the amount of ground coffee), pour slowly and with a spiral movement.


With a spoon, lightly mix the wet coffee to ensure that the pre-Infusion is correct and that all the coffee has been moistened.


With a spoon, lightly mix the wet coffee to ensure that the Pre-Infusion is correct and that all the coffee has been moistened.


Wait no less than 30 seconds of blooming, so that all the gases accumulated during the roast are released and the aromas stabilize.


Once the blooming phase is finished, you can continue with the extraction; The movement is spiral, concentrating the flow to the center of the cone to generate greater turbulence on the surface with more coffee.


Keep the flow rate and the height relative to the coffee, and the amount of water flow constant at the time of pouring.


Once you have finished pouring all the water, proceed to lightly stir the surface of the coffee, to mix the thickest particles that may have remained on the edges of the method and continue to extract.


After extraction, the coffee surface on the method should be perfectly parallel to the base of the cone, with the edges free of coffee residues. This will reveal if a correct extraction has been obtained without channeling.


Cool the coffee-based drink slightly and serve.